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About Us

Wells Plumbing & Heating Supplies is a leading importer and distributor of a broad line of plumbing and heating products used principally in home improvement, remodeling, and repair as well as residential and commercial construction.
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About Us

Wells’ mission is to provide the industry and profession of residential and commercial improvement and construction with competitive, first-rate products, services, and technological solutions through thorough market research and commitment to global view of the development of the industry.

Since its establishment and operation in 2002, wells has successfully built up an extensive distribution network throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, experiencing a fast growth in revenue.

As Well’s moves into its next phase of its development, its leaders have decided to advance its continued expansion through accelerating internal growth, capitalizing on the economics of scale of its distribution network, and leveraging our sourcing capability in China to further entrench our competitive advantage. By pursuing these initiatives, wells seeks to become one of the best suppliers of plumbing and heating products in the State of Illinois. As a result of a globalization, there is an increasing demand to provide the market with the highest quality of products and services at a competitive price.

The engineer and sales teams at WELLS are ready to provide you the products with safety, quality and reliability and dedicated service. Please call Wells Plumbing and Heating Supplies, INC. at 312-850-1500 or Email us at Sales@wellsplumbing.com for more information and availability of the products suit your toughest applications.